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Travel Logistics / Información de Viaje

Hotel Recommendations/ Hoteles

Below you'll find our recommendations for where to stay in Seville. We've included a range of prices, styles, and locations. Hopefully this list is helpful to find somewhere that is a good fit for your stay! The hotels are located in the historic center or within 5 minutes walking distance.


Debajo encontrarás nuestras recomendaciones para encontrar alojamiento en Sevilla. Hemos incluido una variedad de precios, estilos y ubicaciones y pensamos que puede ser de ayuda. Los hoteles están situados en el centro a no más de 5-10 minutos del casco histórico.

1. VAC Luxury Homes

Rooms from/Habitaciones desde 175€

(group rate available)


2. Hotel Bécquer

Room rates range/Rango de precios de las habitaciones 160 - 300€

(discount code coming soon)


3. Radisson Plaza Magdalena

Room rates range/Rango de precios de las habitaciones 240€ (group rate)


4. Posada del Lucero

Room rates range/Rango de precios de las habitaciones 150 - 300€


Buses to wedding venue / Servicio de autobuses a la hacienda

There will be a shuttle bus to and from the venue leaving from a specified pick-up spot in Seville. The venue is also close enough to the city for you to call a taxi or Uber if the shuttle service isn't the best option for you.

More details soon!


Habrá buses a la hacienda y desde la hacienda a una ubicación concreta en Sevilla. También, la hacienda está lo suficientemente cerca de la ciudad como para pedir un taxi o un Uber si los buses no se adaptan a tu horario.

¡Más detalles próximamente!

Getting to Seville

For those traveling from the U.S., flying to Seville could be a bit tricky. The city has an international airport but doesn't have direct flights connecting to the U.S. The cities from which you can fly into Seville are listed on the official airport site here.

Our recommendation would be to fly into Madrid and take the fast train of about 2.5h to Seville (Estación Santa Justa) from the main train station (Madrid Atocha). You might even want to stay one night in Madrid and take the train the following day to have a less intense travel day. Train tickets are available with two different companies:



Other available options are (but not limited to):

  • Fly into Barcelona and take the fast train with the same train companies as from Madrid
  • Use Barcelona as a connecting airport between your international departure point to Seville
  • Fly into Málaga (destinations here) and take the Renfe fast train to Sevilla

Travel dates

We recommend arriving to Spain at least a few days before the wedding to get used to the time change and make the most of your trip! We also will be planning a few get-togethers during the week leading up to the wedding so that our out-of-town guests can all meet and so we can show off our favorite Spanish city to you all!

Don't forget that the day you leave the U.S. will not be the same day you arrive to Spain, most flights are overnight, meaning you will arrive the following day.