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Spain Travel FAQs

Emergencies and medical assistance

112 is the emergency number in Spain for calling the police, fire department, or an ambulance. If you need immediate medical assistence you can also walk in to Urgencias where you'll be seen by a doctor. If you need any medications or have a minor medical issue, you can visit any pharmacy. You'll find them all around the city wherever you seen a large, green cross.

Travel insurance for Spain

We would recommend travel insurance for your trip that includes medical care and covers any travel issues that can happen when you travel abroad!

Do I need a passport to travel to Spain?

Yes! Make sure your passport is up to date and that it will be valid 6 months after your return date.

You may have read about the ETIAS travel authorization or tourist visa for those visiting the Schengan zone (aka most European countries). However, it will not go into effect until 2025, so no need to worry about it for this trip!

What is the best way to book flights?

We suggest setting up notifications on google flights and/or Hopper for price notifications! Make sure to buy your flights with enough time as they do get more expensive closer to your travel date.

How should I get to Seville?

The best way to get to Seville once in Spain is by flying via Madrid or taking a train from Atocha station. For more information about getting to Seville, visit the 'TRAVEL LOGISTICS' page.

Where should we stay?

Under the 'TRAVEL LOGISTICS' you'll find our recommendations for hotels in Seville along with discount codes.

Will my U.S. banking cards work in Spain?

Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted in Spain. A much smaller percentage of businesses accept American Express. Do be aware of foreign transaction fees when withdrawing money from ATMs or using your american card to make purchases. Lots of major credit card companies don't charge foreign transaction fees as a specific perk, so it's worth looking into before you arrive.

Like most European countries, Spain uses the euro, so you will need to change currency if you plan on using cash.

Will my cell phone work?

Check with your carrier, but most providers offer travel plans so you can use your phone while traveling internationally.

We would recommend using an esim through airalo if you have a compatible smart phone. It's easy to set up and we've had great experience with it when traveling. We've found it to be the most cost-effective option with lots of different data packages available. Find the App here for iPhones and here for Android.

Another option is to turn off data completely and only use the phone when connected to a local WiFi like at your hotel or a coffee shop. With iPhones, for example, you can use Facetime and iMessage without fees when you're connected to a local wifi.

Do I need an electric adapter?

Yes, the outlets in Spain are different from the U.S. Any adapter similar to this one 
will work great!

What is the weather like in Seville in October?

The average high is usually around 79 °F and the average low will typically be around 57 °F.

It does rain around this time of year, so make sure to make some room in your suitcase for a jacket and closed-toe shoes, just in case!

What time is it in Spain?

If you live in the Eastern time zone, it will be 6 hours later in Spain.

If you live in the Central time zone, it will be 7 hours later in Spain.

If you live in Mountain time zone, it will be 8 hours later in Spain.

If you live in the Pacific time zone, it will be 9 hours later in Spain.

This means you most likely will sleep in a bit more, and feel sleepy a bit later than usual, which means you'll fit right in with the Spanish lifestyle!

Do I need to tip?

Nope :) Tipping is not customary in Spain and waiters are paid a living wage.

If you are getting excited about eating tapas in Spain, visit the 'What to see and eat in Seville' page for more information about Spanish food and restaurant recommendations!